Sunday, March 27, 2011

A letter to God of Cricket

Dear Sachin,

I would dare to address you by this name, had I been not aware of your saturated humility and simplicity, I would have used some heavy and expressible words. But as an ardent fan, I know it very well, you don’t like all these.

Sachin, it has been now 20 years now, whenever the team was dangerously poised, I expected a miracle from you. As a child, I prayed every time you reached in 90s and jubilated thinking my prayers got answered. But as I grew up I understood my moronity, it was not my prayers, it was sheer your ability and class. And why me only, there were 1 billion people actually doing the same. As an ordinary person, I feel sometime dejected by monotonicity of my life & work and the burden of expectations from small set of my closed ones. But in these 20 years, I never heard any sort of complain from you, about the cricket and your people. Not only this, you were bold enough to shoulder your national responsibility against those mighty & parochial politicians whenever required.

Come Wednesday, although an irony, but we would be again pining our hopes on you. As you might have seen already, people started giving the obnoxious statements like; they won’t allow you to complete your 100th ton. I know that on this stature you would be unperturbed, but as the poet Dinkar says “क्षमा हो रिपु समक्ष, तुम विनीत जितना ही, दुष्ट कोरोवों ने तुमको ,कायर समझा उतना ही “, we want you to feel furious this time.

People also say, it’s just a cricket, but these guests are same set of people who possibly rejoiced when we suffered, now our defeat shall not provide them another reason to celebrate. Let it be a cricket only.

We already have got a chance to rejoice on your all possible possible/impossible milestones, watching world cup in your hands will further bolster our belief on the theory : “The God particle does exist.”

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