Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sir, I am from India

Hey Gentleman... Let me make a wild guess to test my intellectual ability. “You are from Sierra Leone”.
“Sir what are you saying? “... No sir. I won’t dare to even question your ability but let me convey before our conversation begin... “I am from India!!!”
Don’t be bewildered by my skin, my eyes or even by my face sir, these all are of no importance and doesn’t represent my personality or nationality. Infact skin is not only the parameter to define a human personality in my country .There is so many like cast, creed and region. It would be a bit of jingoism but I must say we use more parameters and hence much ahead from rest of the world on this.
Yes true like the country which you mentioned, we were also one of your colonies but let me be honest, we have progressed and now our only 40% population lies below poverty line.
And much bigger sir, we are much bigger country than the country you mentioned. You can imagine the area of my country when I was able to find a young person having same nationality as of me saying he had never visited the other part of the country and would never want to.
But in the end to conclude this sir I must say to you , unlike any other countries India is an ancient idea that is relevant even 9000 years has passed and hopefully would be afterward. Yes sir I would agree with you here, the onus lies on we young generation to keep this idea alive..

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