Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tanu weds Manu

Warning: This is all gibberish from an insane person, read only if you have spare time, otherwise you are yourself to blame.

Recently I watched “Tanu weds Manu”, presumably an ordinary movie but I found it an offbeat, connecting, and based on some burning social issues. Here is why:

1. Our movies always portrayed the guy working abroad as sophistically foolish (even villainous) character who enjoyed meddling between the love birds. Not to mention, in the climax, the looser soul had to return empty handed to face the evil world. This movie tries to break the trend, and gives a confidence to them to clap in the theatre.

2. What an honest way of showing loneliness? I felt like crying (went against because of fear of embarrassment in the crowd), when protagonist Madhvan speaks with wet eyes “लन्दन में १२ साल से मैं अकेला ही हूँ , रोज सुबह उठ के नाश्ता अकेले ही बनता हूँ और अकेले ही खाके ऑफिस चला जाता हूँ(Imagine the plight of a person doing the same for lunch and dinner as well).” कोई ऐसा दोस्त नहीं है है मेरा जो की जो खाश हो (Very true, on top of it, there might be few souls, who have already sunk, possibly even with wrong boat and because of guileless they greet you with same stupid questions at 8AM in the morning).

3. Preparation and persistency is the key whether you attend any technical interview or approach a girl. Madhvan failed miserably at first instance but later he showed an exemplary level of persistency. (Honestly I also performed badly in one of such lone interviews” where I went without reading FAQs and like any technical interview, started muttering the words like “Actually & basically...!” with low confidence).

4. The film somehow depicts the globalization effect on our small cities in true sense; so it’s time to be prepared for any eventuality, time to stop feeling guilty about beer and worth putting efforts on trying whisky and rum. Apparently globalization effect is visible on our families even (for good) as my mom keeps on saying me about Sharmaji’s daughter being married to someone from other caste/religion, expecting any such confession from me, completely unaware of my unfavourable factors like Microsoft (Stupid guys, bring on new technology every six months for a coder’s despair), service sector (same reasons), Aloo, Pyaj and Tamater (Most of the time I spent time on thinking about whether these are available at my room).

To conclude this and on a serious note I have to stop enjoying aloofness, keep aside my moronic interests (like blogging, photography & cycling) and start finding someone before the threshold time comes “Ki Sote hue ladki ko hi pasand karni pade”.


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