Thursday, June 18, 2009

When the days are long

Nothing seems to be working in favor. One of my favorite actor is accused of a heinous crime, India’s thrown out from T20 champion’s race in a humiliating way and one immature and cowardice decision taken by me is going to entail me four tedious months. But that’s how the life goes on.
The interesting thing in that is these are happening when I have got too much spare time to think. These days are similar to the days of ISM Dhanbad when the semester exams ended and the gang use to have a gibberish sitting on Ramdhani’s shop sipping tea at least 20 times a day. Anyways here is the list of activities which I am religiously doing now a days to kill my time.

  • Online Chatting with friends and even distant foes if the friends are running out of time.
  • Discussion with room mates about politics, cricket (albeit, have lost interest in them) and “marriage” (interest & fear both exist simultaneously).Most of the time the discussion on the last topic remains amiable where every body agrees to the fact that finding out “Pehli Nazar” type of girl is next to impossible. But some time the frustration seems to soar high in the air when some body brings out the concept of “Soul Mate”.
  • Reading and acting to read (also nonsense thinking simultaneously) at home, in a bus or in a book shop (Cross word is in the vicinity of my home).
  • Cooking, this looks me interesting among all, but strongly believe in the theory: “Cooking is just like love, it shall be done without interference.”
  • Gym, have started this habit recently, but unable to concentrate much on the trainer's instructions because of some pretty faces out there.
  • Blogging and Sleeping(Without a dream).

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