Sunday, July 26, 2009

Engrossing personalities whom I met in last one year

It has been more than a month since I used this recycle bin. Honestly saying was definitely running out of some “sensible” thought. Country’s foreign policy is too headless to be commented, the political bosses are silent post election, busy in making and demolishing their own statues. Then it was also obligatory for me to show some yearning for Rakhi’s show (boring, will wait for season-2, 3..), “Sach Ka Samna” (stupid guys, probably wanted to make something called *** ka Samna and then changed the name at last moment), Harry Potter (really wonder why people are so crazy for it) and a technical event (every body was doing some thing, I also thought of washing my hands in Arabian Sea). Around one year back I had decided to change the gear to reach a new place of bread and butter. And as the poet says “Kabira is sansar main bhanti- bhanti ke log”, the new place meant the opportunity to meet some of the new riveting personalities.

**Restrained myself from taking the names as I strongly believe that they can’t be bound in a name but they are traits which every human being must possess.

  • The most happy-go-lucky person : He‘s quite amiable and talented but so careless that will hardly take a pain even if tsunami reaches to his door. He always advocated for emancipating of delivery and schedules like a yogi talks about the “Moksha”.One small example of his greatness was that he made me fill his time sheet (the sheet to maintain daily activities) for one year.
  • The VK magic : His getup reminded of the character “Tiger” from the old Hindi movies which was mostly played by Vinod Khanna, but amazing to see that he has got the most contemporary demeanor. One more specific thing about this person’s that he is very honest and believes in doing the daily activity differently rather than waiting some miracles to happen (I follow the later part, have to walk a lot) .
  • The Pentium-1 Processor : Managing time is the most difficult art on this planet but seems she has really mastered in that. Invite her at your marriage and I bet she will definitely come to bless your second child. But as a thinker has truly said “Every body can’t possess each quality”, this character has got less vanity which I could rarely found amongst the “other” gender (albeit being a small town introvert guy, got to see very few of them closely).

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