Saturday, May 30, 2009

Has human civilization really evolved ?

The civilization of the one of the “wisest” species of the universe is around 16000 years old and has been continuously in the process of evolution. But has it really evolved ? Let’s try to analyze (Only if you have got some spare time, I have got plenty).

During the initial stages of the civilization, there were fights between the tribal groups probably because of food and territory. Then the age came of the theory that “God has created Whites to rule Blacks”. Those were the days when extermination of the Jews was done by the Nazis. But the emergence of the leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela raised substantial hope. The election of Barack Obama as US president gave the opportunity to declare that the racism is the theory of past. But is it really true and can we claim the human civilization has really triumphed over this menace ? Some events in the recent past have different story to tell.

  • Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka : The genocide of 20,000(according to some sources) Tamils happened in the name of fighting LTTE (although I don't support them but death of so many civilians is equally condemnable), but the world watched this with closed eyes.
  • Attacks on the Indian students in Australia and US : Around 500BC we welcomed foreign students with open arms at the Nalanda University .The proof is Hiuen Tsiang’s description of Indian hospitality. But in 21st century, our own students are attacked outside the country so brutally that even a Satan will blush. The respective local government is also not doing enough to protect them.

We also proudly claim to follow the “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” policy, but in some of the parts like Kashmir we were not able to protect our own people. Though I strongly believe that there’s very less a government can do unless the people don’t change their views.

In the end, I hope the God’s not racist and he only gives all of us courage and wisdom to fight against this menace.


  1. Hmm...u seem to do a lot of thinking :)

    in between can we have the pleasure of peeping a little into ur life? things which r not that much of global concern ;)

  2. Yes,, have got lots of spare time...
    My life is like an open book , my dear friend any body can read it.. BDW.. I will consider ur suggestion for sure..