Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flop Shows So Far

The year started with a scar leaving behind as there were reminiscences of a series or terror attacks and fear of recession in the global economy. But a “thinker” had said, “Forget about the past and accept the challenges of the future”. I have always tried to follow him, at least the first part his aphorism. Forget it; let’s focus on some of flop shows of this year.

  • Elections : The largest democracy was supposed to elect its government this year. But without any major national issues and the clear signs of hung assembly, it looked too much banal. Also the politicians’ diabolical behavior during by the campaign and with the low turnout so far even in the rural areas has added salt to the wounds the Indian democracy. The elections were even troubled by the naxalites in some parts including the some rural areas of my state .The only sanguine thing I can envision is that some of separatists in Kashmir have decided to participate in election.
  • War against Taliban in Pakistan : In standard IX, I had read about the Karl Marx and his famous aphorism: - “Religion is the opium of masses”. It took me more than 10 years and the example of Taliban to understand it actually. These fanatics are mercilessly flogging and executing women and children on the charges of heresy, but the civilized world is vacillating between peace and war to deal with them. This dillydallying is actually providing opportunity to engender them and create an intrusive threat to human civilization.
  • Indian Premier League : The IPL was forced to move out of India because of the security concerns but probably that affected the popularity of it badly. The South African pitches and climate has also been spoilsport. There are already rumors in some quarters that the matches are deliberately being made closed encounters. What is the fact, may be God or a sponsor knows.
  • Bollywood Movies : Till now, the Bollywood movies have disappointed the audiences, at least me, except some exceptions like Gulal and DevD.
  • My Personal and Professional Life : The recession has given me one more excuse to not to do something remarkable in my career. At the personal front also no improvements have been made except have quit the occasional smoking, thanks a ton to VG, SA and CM.It seems life will continue to go on like this only. One of my friend says, “Subah se Saam, aur Sam se Raat Hoti Hai, Aise hi Jindgi Tamam hoti hai. “

It’s enough lecture for today, now going for sleep.


  1. Nice and interesting thoughts...hmm

    BDW why didnt u complete the last blog u were writing?

  2. Thanks pal, for dedicating your precious time here. I am really sorry that I couldn’t finish off my last post. It was based on funny events but had lost the humor in between to complete it….Now will try to complete it for sure…