Friday, January 30, 2009

Where's the Cost ?

It has been more than 75 days since we were butchered mercilessly in our own backyard, the place where we were born, grew up and have dreamt our children playing intrepidly. What happened after that? The whole nation stood against it, clamored “Enough is enough” and all other slogans. The prime minister made address to the nation promising to entail “cost” if any “country” will be involved in this dastardly act. But after 3 months the whole world knows a “country” is involved but there is no semblance of any “cost”.
The “country” promised us to register an FIR against the conspirators as if they have stolen some mobile or credit card. Let’s be very positive and think they are going to hang out those conspirators, will we be able to dwell safely in our homes, obviously not as there’s a bigger mess in that country which involves government, intelligence and army than those six conspirators. But we were very eager to expound this as a “positive” development and calling it a diplomatic victory. Definitely after so much suffering and humiliation we initiated a “diplomatic” way to deal our neighbor but we must believe that they have outwitted us.

So what went wrong for us?
They attacked us with weapons but we started war of words forgetting the basic fact that a suffering country can never win war of words. The winner obviously in these cases is the country who is able to cause the maximum damage.

….. To be continued……

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