Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Jai ho!!!

Last Friday I got a chance to watch the movie "Slumdog Millionaire", the movie which has already won Golden Globe Awards and nominated for atleast 10 Osacar awards.Movie is undoubtely good and worth to watch.A.R Rahman scores well with the songs like "Jai ho" and "Ringa - Ringa" .Vikas Sharoop's storing telling is splendid and the protoganist Jamal easily connects to the audiences.I really regret not reading "Q&A" earlier but will try to read "The Six Suspects" this time.It was also one of the finest performances of Anil Kapoor after Tehzaab.

Even if assume that it was just a film and it has nothing to with the reality, being an Indian it hurts that the film, like the last booker prize winner book "The White Tiger", tries to depict the negative image of the country.Apart from showing the Indian poverty the it expounds the unfair social milieu in the country.What I believe that the poverty does exist in the country but in terms of social milieu India is far better than most of the countries.

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