Thursday, March 12, 2009

Once upon a time it happened in a IT Company

Yes!! Ladies and gentlemen please join hands in welcoming my living and non- fictitious characters.

SI-Soft Pvt Ltd : A product development IT Company.
PDG : “Product” Development Group in SI-Soft Pvt Ltd.
Amit : Leading the team PDG and having 9+ years of experience in “programming”.
Nilesh : A team member in PD (Product Development) group having 2+ years of exp.

One more thing... wait a moment, after reading the story, if you are from non IT field you might have a sarcastic and satisfying smile at your face but, unfortunately if you are an IT engineer then your heart might sink in the pool of tears . I beg your pardon in advance for that.

The story goes like this….

The SI-Soft Pvt Ltd has got a contract for developing a web application and hence they are in the process of preparing the requirement documents. The team leader Amit with PDG has got the responsibility of completing the documents.
Everything goes as usual till one day...!

Amit calls Nilesh in the early morning and assigns the task of completing the documents for “Finance” module of the application. Since Nilesh was quite novice to the documentation, he like a typical S/W engineer, tries to find any sample from the “Google”. After searching for 2-3 hours he was finally able to find a sample document but it was not related to his module at all. Infact it described the HR management of any company.
“Not a problem … I will take this as a reference and definitely be able to complete the document for my module”, thinks Nilesh.

He works hard all the day and finally in the evening he’s able to come up a document for his module. He decides sending the document to his TL Amit for review.
But now good twist in the tale. The luck was playing a double game with him today. Mistakenly he sends the template downloaded from Google to Amit and leaves for home.

Amit comes office in the morning and is really elated to the see the document on his mail box. ” The young generation is quite intelligent. I haven’t ever thought of completing this document on my own. Ohh!!! This guy really deserves the appraisal…but forget it for the time being, let me review this document”, he says to himself.
The whole day he spends in reviewing the document unaware of the document is merely being a template and not related to his module at all. He comes up with review comments and sends it back to the Nilesh.

Nilesh is elated, ruminates “There are no major comments. I will able to complete it early and will go to movie today, but wait, Alas !!!! I had sent the wrong document…….. Wait again... But still he’s not able to find it… How much moron he is. Ha ha ha … Not a problem this time I will send the correct one."

And this time he sends the original document..

Can you readers believe what Amit had to say? ”Oh.. Nilesh.. You have done really a great job. You need really appreciation for it.”

I sitting on a corner somewhere in the story started wailing at the plight of Software Industry.

* Names has been changed to hide the identities.

* Copy right has been taken from one of the characters of the story.


  1. Good one...R u still weeping..

  2. It's based on true events.. No I m fine now.